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Jacky Cheung’s handsome 26-year-old godson as a bodybuilding champ, personal trainer, and artist

Hunky Lynus Woo is the son of ‘80s beauty queen May Ng Yuen Fong and late Hong Kong tycoon Wilson Woo Ka Wah.

Take a look at Lynus Woo and it's easy to see why he’s been called the “Most Handsome Second-gen Star”.

The hunky 26-year-old is the son of ‘80s beauty queen May Ng Yuen Fong and late Hong Kong tycoon Wilson Woo Ka Wah.

Lynus is also the godson of Heavenly King Jacky Cheung.

Lynus' godfather Jacky Cheung was there for the opening of his fitness centre

Not only is he strikingly handsome, he also posseses a Greek god-like physique. Oh... and he also graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Fine Art.

No wonder Hong Kong media are saying he's “the ideal partner of many single females”.

Lynus is now personal trainer and the founder of fitness centre REP., which has two locations in Hong Kong.

He is also an artist who specialises in oil and acrylic painting and he held his debut solo art exhibition, A Pilgrimage in Colours, last year.

He is also an artist... ... With the perfect body

In an interview with Prestige magazine last year, Lynus, who has an older brother and a younger sister, revealed that he was “really skinny” when he was younger.

“I never started training until I was in Harrow. It was an all-boys boarding school, so there was definitely a level of competitiveness there. When you come in as a new kid, you’ll see all these boys who are bigger than you and so, naturally, we all wanted to bulk up and look better.”

However, it wasn’t until university that Lynus seriously got into fitness. He went on to participate in bodybuilding competitions, winning several medals for his impressive physique along the way.

A bodybuilding champ during his university days

Lynus also has six dogs, all of which are huskies. He once revealed in an interview that while he spends his weekdays focusing on his job as a PT, he helps out at animal shelters on the weekends. 

No wonder his gym is also a dog-friendly space.

How adorable? We mean the pups, of course Lynus with his mum (second from left) and his siblings Caspar and Helene
Photos: Lynus Woo/ Instagram, HK01,

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